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Gravity Feeders are used for Free Flowing Material.

Auger feeder machines are used to pack all non free flowing powders e.g. Turmeric, Wheat, Spices, etc. – Here the product to be filled is stored in hopper. Motorized agitator blade slowly turns through the material so as to prevent any bridging of the material. Action of the agitator blade improves uniformity of bulk density and consistency. Auger or screw rotates and feeds the material through bottom tube. Material that is fed by the auger is collected in container placed on the load cell.

The Machine is available for 50g to 500g / 200g to 2000g and 500g to 5000g range. The Accuracy will be from 0,5% to 1% depending upon the Material's Flowing Property and the Speed. We can get from 2 to 6 fills per minute.

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